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Resumen de: 태양을 삼켜라 online Jung-woo was abandoned by his birth parents when he was a baby and became friends with Soo-hyun, who became his sweetheart. After rescuing Chairman Jang, he is adopted by him and becomes a bodyguard to the chairman’s son. Jung-woo is reunited with Soo-hyun at Tae-hyuk’s school but even though Soo-hyun loves him, she chooses Tae-hyuk who offers to help her achieve her dream career. So both Tae-hyuk and Soo-hyun go ... to USA for their studies. Jung-woo is eventually betrayed by Chairman Jang but he is called to Las Vegas by Jackson Lee, a military buddy, who offers him an opportunity to rebuild his life. In Las Vegas, Jung-woo meets Soo-hyun and Tae-hyuk by coincidence. In his line of work as a private bodyguard, Jung-woo saves the life of the king of a small African nation and is asked by the king to rescue his son from the rebels in return for rights to a diamond mine. So Jung-woo heads to Africa, risking his life to claim the mine. Meanwhile, Tae-hyuk and Soo-hyun return to Seogwipo city on Jeju island at Chairman Jang’s request. Tae-hyuk is put in charge of managing a hotel there while Soo-hyun becomes the head of event planning. After gaining control of the diamond mine in African, Jung-woo returns to Jeju and engages in a struggle against chairman Jang and Tae-hyuk… He learns a shocking secret that shakes the foundation of his very existence más

Visionar online 태양을 삼켜라 estreno (2009) esta online en español castellano tambien con audio latino y español en linea, 태양을 삼켜라 tambien conocido como 태양을 삼켜라 por su titulo en ingles y puedes descargar todo gratis de 태양을 삼켜라 (2009) sin limite alguno de reproduccion y la mejor calidad hd en linea. visionar 태양을 삼켜라 (2009) con subtitulos, 태양을 삼켜라 en latino, 태양을 삼켜라 en español, 태양을 삼켜라 en castellano, 태양을 삼켜라 en linea, 태양을 삼켜라 (2009) download y descarga.

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