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조금만 더 가까이 | (2010) Online

Resumen de: 조금만 더 가까이 online One day at work in a cafe in Seoul, Hyo-seo gets a phone call from a Polish guy in the Netherlands, who is about to start a new life in an attempt to get over his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile Hyun-o, his ex-girlfriend shows up one night and says, You ruined my life. So, this is a pay-off torture. She sticks around Hyun-o all night. Young-soo, who has been hiding his gay identity, loses his virginity with a girl who visit ... s him one day. His long-time lover Woon-cheol is heartbroken by his break-up notice. Hye-young, the vocalist of an indie band gets annoyed by her fellow member Ju-young's petty ideas about love while taking a walk in Namsan park. As she gets upset with his stupid story, she realizes her own foolishness. They start a little gig at the mouth of Namsan. Autumn is passing, and winter is around the corner más

Visionar online 조금만 더 가까이 estreno (2010) esta online en español castellano tambien con audio latino y español en linea, 조금만 더 가까이 tambien conocido como 조금만 더 가까이 por su titulo en ingles y puedes descargar todo gratis de 조금만 더 가까이 (2010) sin limite alguno de reproduccion y la mejor calidad hd en linea. visionar 조금만 더 가까이 (2010) con subtitulos, 조금만 더 가까이 en latino, 조금만 더 가까이 en español, 조금만 더 가까이 en castellano, 조금만 더 가까이 en linea, 조금만 더 가까이 (2010) download y descarga.

Titulo: 조금만 더 가까이
  • Jong-kwan Kim
  • Kim Jong-kwan

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  • Duracion: 106
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